"If you can't save 100 animals, save one"

Our Vision

Our heart aches when we see animals in suffering, period. We believe you are reading this because yours do too. Though we understand we cannot change the world, we know we can change the world for an injured and homeless animal - one at a time. With your help.

We dream of a world without homeless animals; a world without animal cruelty or neglect. We dream of a world where humans realize how much better our lives are when we love animals and bring them to our home as part of the family. We dream of a world where people see how much we can learn from animals. Animals are great teachers and bring happiness and peace. Animals teach us unconditional love, loyalty and to show affection. Animals teach us to live in the moment, to enjoy a good nap, to enjoy a good treat and to enjoy a good walk.

There are three main episodes in our founders's life that inspired the creation of People Saving Animals.

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Watching thousands of homeless animals on Guatemala's streets...
Our founder Walter grew up in Guatemala as an average citizen. Sadly, watching homeless animals with no shelter or food or being killed by a car is an everyday thing there. Most of the people see it as normal, or even annoying. But not Walter. His heart ached since he was a little kid and saw this. Walter has always seen all these animals as pure souls that need saving. Walter believes every one of these animals can be brought to a forever loving home.

Adopting Sancho...
In 2010, our founder Walter and his wife Alejandra adopted and rescued Sancho from death row. Sancho was a handful one year old Schnazuer / Bischon mix. To put it nicely, it was difficult to deal with Sancho's lack of manners at the beginning. But with a bit of discipline and affection Sancho has become one of the healthiest, nicest and affectionate dogs ever. Sancho brings infinite joy everyday to his human/animal pack. For this, Sancho is called a miracle dog. It would have been this world's loss to let him die.

Rescuing Chepito...

In 2012, our founder Walter and his wife Alejandra were doing volunteer work in a dog rescue in rural Guatemala when they saw a dog just lying on the shoulder of the highway. Sadly, this is not an uncommon sight there. Instead of looking the other way, they decided to pick the dog from the street. The dog was not moving due to an injured leg and starvation. The dog did not even resist when he was picked up from the highway shoulder into the car. After a few days of treatment, food and water the dog started to show signs of life. This dog is now called Chepito and is alive and well. Chepito can look you in the eyes unconditionally for minutes (we like to think he is saying thanks for saving his life). Chepito is currently in a pen down at the shelter and is our inspiration to save many more.